Building permit requirements in the Philippines

Building permit requirements in the Philippines

How to get building permit in the Philippines? I’m sharing you here the requirements, fees, and application procedure for the issuance of building permit in the country.

Why do you need a building permit?

It is simply in compliance with the proper construction of a house or a building following the requirements set by law or the National Building Code. Of course you want to make sure all the proper technical, mechanical, electrical, and structural plans for the construction of the building are met.

In addition, if you build a house or a building without a permit from your municipality, construction will be stopped until a permit has been issued or released. You’ll receive a strict notice to apply for a permit.

Building Permit Requirements in the Philippines


  • Properly filled-up application forms duly signed and sealed by engineers concerned:
  • Building Permit Forms (5 copies)
  • Electrical Permit Forms (3 copies)
  • Sanitary Permit Forms (3 copies)
  • Five (5) complete sets of Detailed Plans
  • For construction of two-storey building:
  • Structural Design Analysis – signed and sealed by Civil Engineer at every page
  • For construction of more than two-storey building:
  • Boring and Plate Load Test
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Proof of Property
  • Photocopy of Transfer Certificate if Title (TCT)
  • Photocopy of tax Declaration of Property-lot (Certified True Copy) – 5 copies
  • Photocopy of Current Tax Receipt (5 copies)
  • If property is not registered under the name of the applicant:
  • Submit 5 copies of any of the following:
  • Contract of Lease
  • Contract of Sale
  • Affidavit of Consent of the Lot Owner for the construction of building/house
  • Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Permit Billboard (0.60 X 0.90 Plywood with the following contents):
  • Bill of Materials and Specification (5 copies) – signed and sealed by an engineer or an architect at every page
  • Locational Clearance
  • Photocopy of PTR # and PRC license of all concerned engineers and architects
  • Clearance from the DPWH if the construction is located along National Highway
  • DOLE Clearance
  • Those are the usual application forms you need gather and prepare.

How to get Building Permit in the Philippines – Procedures

  1. Get a Requirements-Checklist and application forms from your municipal’s office (Office of the Building Official). Your architect mostly knows them but you need to get the documents from your municipal’s office since every form bears the municipal’s seal. Your architect and engineers then will be the ones who will fill them up.
  1. Go to the Office of the Building Official and submit the papers. They will tell you then where to go next, in this case Assessor’s Office. If you’re in the city hall, they usually have windows where you have to submit each folder of each set of forms. But in the provinces, each section are usually close to each other if not on the same unit.
  1. You will be issued Acknowledgement Slip which bears the date of the status of your application. It’s usually around 10 working days.

If your application is approved and in compliant with the National Building Code, you’ll be given an Order of Payment to pay the necessary building permit fees.

  1. Present the Order of Payment at the Treasurer’s Office and pay the fees. Fees range from P6,000 and above depending on the your construction size, municipality location and the assessment plan. Fees in the provinces are usually cheaper than in the cities.
  1. Photocopy the OR (Official Receipt) and bring a copy to the Office of the Building Official releasing section.
  1. After 5 working days, go back to the releasing section of the Office of the Building Official and claim your building permit.

Dream House Design In The Philippines

Dream House Design In The Philippines

Designing Extraordinary Dream House Design In The Philippines  By Home Builders

Assuming that you’ve at least taken the jump to purchase a plot of the area and assemble the home you had always wanted, where do you start with the outline? Do you begin on your own with network paper and representations of a potential design? Do you drive through neighborhoods to study houses or lodging characteristics that you like? Do you start by driving out to the plot to remain in the middle and compute the accurate perspective, you wish to have with your morning espresso? Ostensibly, you may begin with any or the greater part of the above, however the first solid step towards building your dream home is to gain a house plan.

Dream House Design In The Philippines is an organization that panders to the developing number of individuals who wish to construct their home. Purchasing another home, one may get all the characteristics one needs, yet more than likely there are a couple of things that will miss the point of flawlessness. For the perceiving swarm of determined, learned individuals who need to have the control to plan and manufacture the home that will flawlessly help, home plans by Dream House Design In The Philippines could be the first venture in attaining that objective. Offering over 8000 house arrangements to customers, Dream House Design In The Philippines introduces a colossal measure of choices for anybody beginning without any preparation. They have made it simple to start the quest for house anticipates the site, sorting the home plans into classes dependent upon the size, structure sort and engineering style. Perusing through their broad gathering will yield in any event a couple of potential plans for another home maker.

The point when taking the first step and obtaining a Dream House Design In The Philippines from Home builders Philippines.

Extraordinary Dream House Design In The Philippines arranges likewise incorporate nitty gritty cross-sectional arrangements delineating areas of the house as if cut from top to establish.

Past their stock house arranges, the outline group at Dream House Design In The Philippines can adjust or redo a carpet arrangement to match distinctive needs and goals. Adjustments to any home outline can without much of a stretch be obliged on account of the abilities and dexterity of the configuration group and their utilization of propelling workstation supported configuration programming. Extraordinary Dream House Design In The Philippines are especially generally positioned to have the ability to tweak a complete home plan. Since they are acquainted with many carpet arranges in an assortment of design styles, they can assemble a unique house plan for customers with a particular vision of their dream home outline.

Low Cost Housing Plans In The Philippines

Low Cost Housing Plans In The Philippines

Because you’re utilizing your Low Cost Housing Plans In The Philippines for creating new properties it’s not, you’re going to have less enticing houses. That isn’t authentic in the least because even should you be acquiring and utilising cost-effective plans for houses when building new dwellings, it is still certain that you are going to make astonishing dwellings provided that you’re only utilizing dependable home plans from a qualified ontractor.

Although, you got to remember that not all Low Cost Housing Plans In The Philippines are qualified. So as a way to prevent choosing less quality ideas, reckoning quite a few factors are essential. Factors to consider when looking for fantastic cost-effective house plans are the following: its designees, particulars, measurements, blueprints and architectural details.

Cost-effective home plans with total details are reliable because all the essential information that you have to know more about the plans are there. Thus, you are likely to effectively assemble these houses on time and in style because you are obtaining and following precise particulars.

Do you know what you need for homes? Consequently, the simpler that you choose ideas with models you like, if you do then you are good to go as you already know what designs of homes you want to construct. But should you not possess thought however of what design you desire for homes then better understand it first to ensure that when you’re going to choose programs, you’re going to really get the most suitable ideas.

You have to be aware of beforehand to ensure that if you are going to choose plans, you’re going to choose plans getting the measures you wish for your dream houses are eventually created by houses, which how massive you want for dwellings. So understanding first for dwellings is vital aspect to take into account prior to searching home programs because through it how large you need, certainty of getting the best plans will be absolute.

When picking inexpensive plans for properties, you have to be picking because they are constantly equivalent to terrific home plans plans that are having excellent blueprints.

Additional plans do not have whole structural details, which make building homes hard. So to avoid that from happening, picking and utilizing house programs with full structural details when building new dwellings will be crucial. Through it, you are getting all the essential information which you must learn about those buildings.

Swimming Pool Designs In The Philippines

Swimming Pool Designs In The Philippines

Swimming pools today are planned, designed and built to be environment-friendly and value efficient. These swimming facilities include pumps that have excellent energy-efficiency rating that are purposely manufactured to work powerfully for longer periods.

Building a Swimming Pool Designs In The Philippines is costly irrespective of size and elegance, so why wouldn’t you look for ways to have yours designed to be simple to the environment plus something which would keep you from paying for a very high energy usage per month. These are just a number of the valid main reasons why you must never take into account the looked into in search of pool contractors that can offer you a suprisingly low package price. It’ll be very easy to find contractors that may want cheap labor, however are you without doubt neglect they wouldn’t go to waste? If you are spending a hefty amount, it is only smart to ensure durability and dependability. Everyone knows that we can never expect mediocre contractors to provide superb outcome, so why take chances.

A superb Swimming Pool Designs In The Philippines knows very well how the pool pump may be the heart of each and every pool no matter the of size, shape and design hence when you decide to hire a good one, you can be sure that your particular pool area will be installed having a powerful pump that’s manufactured by a reputed firm known to supply pool pumps with great efficiency and possesses to be able to reduce just as much as 70% of power consumption. Pumps have the effect of the water circulation, which makes it an extremely important section of a pool area so that you must select a reputed contractor discussion the very best pump to get to the pool area.

A fantastic Swimming Pool Designs In The Philippines contractor will always give importance to their company’s reputation, which means you are guaranteed that they will never recommend equipment that cannot satisfy the minimum turnover necessary for your pool type. Usually, pool owners run their swimming pool by using an 8-hour on and 16-hour off meaning that for the majority of of that time period the water is stagnant due to non-circulation. Consequently you’ll get pool water which is unfit for you and your family to swim in. Most pool owners make this happen cycle thinking that it will save their energy cost but they don’t understand that stagnant pool water brings about algae build-up, pH imbalance and clog other particles.

Even if you run private pools night and day, you will be surprised to see that it even are less expensive as well as your pool water is clean and odor free. That’s the reason you have to take into account the quality, equipment brand, operating cost and more importantly the swimming pool contractors in the philippine reputation when evaluating proposals from various contractors. Also, it pays to understand that before building your Swimming Pool Designs In The Philippines, you must try to discover which kind of subsoil the area where you would like to put your pool have underneath. Take note that Philippines has one of the most diverse subsoil on earth. It pays to pay attention to whatever pitfalls you may encounter in the beginning, during and at the end of your project.

Zen House Design Philippines

Zen House Design Philippines

How to bring Oriental accents into your dwelling to produce a Chinese or Japanese appearance. A large look can be created by use of small items.

If you’ve been searching for a style design for your own home that shows type and style, Zen House Design Philippines should be considered by you. So a lot of people do not understand how to begin to introduce this classic style, although there are so many different ways to incorporate this style. Here are several tips that may help.

The Zen House Design Philippines is really popular and relatively easy to copy. It is possible to create this design just by using a couple of simple touches inside your home. Putting in a Shoji screen will automatically transform your room since it is this kind of unique fashion. These displays are uncomplicated frames made of wood sometimes with designs upon it, as a filler. The layout may be straightforward or complicated, according to your taste. A Kotatsu table can also be a wonderful, exceptional Japanese thing that may bring this subject into a room instantly. A low dark wood table in a rectangle shape, sometimes with a heater in the middle, it’s the centre of Zen House Design Philippines.

Another easy way to add a Zen House Design Philippines theme is straw mats that are known as Goza mats. Some have woven edges with a layout. They can be used for a variety of functions in Japan, including sleeping, sitting or as nerve pathways in the home, only if you enjoy, for instance as a replacement or a seat cover but you’ll be able to use them as accents.

A straightforward piece to add is a gong. Very symbolic of the Zen House Design Philippines, you can select one in numerous sizes, dependant on your room’s size. There are very big gongs, but you must have a lot of space for them. A gong that hangs, and is only about a foot or so is less impractical. They come with scroll designs that are wonderful, and the mallet to ring it can be used by you, or all you have to do is hang it on the wall.

Calligraphy in Chinese or Japanese characters will make the room look Asian in a minute. This is a really simple method to bring this style into your house, since it is possible to get pre-framed works with wonderful graphics and calligraphy writing on Japanese or Chinese characters. They’re generally in simple, sensational black wood frames, which reflect the remarkable lines of the style.

This will make your transformation into Zen House Design Philippines even more easy.

Window Designs In The Philippines

Window Designs In The Philippines

There a number of means to spruce up our house’s appearance. It’s so easy. A simple dab of colour will tend to get the job done. It is much more difficult to alter the way people see your home’s exterior layout. The garden which you start appears to consistently die. There few choices for new colour should you live in a brick dwelling. Bring a distinct and new look to your home simply by adding new windows. Before running out to home depot to look a fresh Window Designs In The Philippines, find out about layouts and the materials that will operate best within your home after which contact the finest Window Designs In The Philippines team to bring them to life.

If you’re searching for a Window Designs In The Philippines that may furnish beauty and protection, consider adding new vinyl windows for your house. Window Designs In The Philippines are built to survive and resist almost anything. They’re assembled to never crack, break or chip. Get the look you’re save more in your energy bill in the process and needing. What more does one want? Find numerous Window Designs In The Philippines which will install these energy efficient windows that you may actually afford.

If you want the ultimate indication of attractiveness and quality, fiber glass might be the best option for you. Fiber glass is a strong substance that’s available in many of styles that are different. Whether you’re looking for a modern layout to your home, or trying to add a European touch for your already trendy condo, the Window Designs In The Philippines team that is right will help transform your area into a real work of art.

Maybe you are not looking to alter every window in your home. Start by only altering your entry way little. Find these and other custom built options from an established Window Designs In The Philippines. Give the interior decor a remainder. Contemplate adding small yet needed improvements that will increase your property’s total worth. Locate several layouts by choosing your hunt online today that will actually transform your whole house.

Unique types of houses in the Philippines with pictures

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Unique types of houses in the Philippines with pictures

If you’re looking for a comfortable new residence available for you and your household, types of houses in the Philippines with pictures for sale is among the great choices that you can chance upon. The residences that one could find in this an area of the Philippines are really treasures and must-haves because of its beauty as a whole. Located within many panoramic locations, it would surely provide you the sentiments of comfort and prestige that every home buyer would love to experience. With the other nice features and designs of which these types of houses in the Philippines with pictures are made of, you will be likely to conclude in the coming years that you just never developed a mistake whenever you committed to this two story house plans in the Philippines property.

*Situated amidst serene and peaceful environment, the situation each and every unique small house plans Philippines available for purchase is designed with a multitude of things for your common and high-class real estate buyers. The wonderful location is perfect for those who are looking for a types of houses in the Philippines with pictures nestled inside of a wonderful place where pollution and noise seems to be quite a fair thing to imagine, what else to encounter! There are various things to do and worthy activities to take part in for people involved considerably sociable. It appears that the residents of this place have completed everything to keep others coming in and interested to be part or residents for this quiet placed into Philippines.

*If you are researching for a types of houses in the Philippines with pictures for a small family, you’re sure to find one in this nice town. There’s lots of varying types and fashoins of homes from small residences with simply two bedrooms and small garage as much as a very spacious abode sits in a very wide yard. The latter is good for those who are dreaming to raise a big family since the big lawn is most likely the excellent place for family gatherings and other family-related fun activities. The selection is wide-ranging as well as every of which properties have their own personal character to boast about to every real estate buyer looking into what they’ve got to present.

*There are less expensive residences like simple residences in the same way that there are properties that are included with expensive price tags. Those palatial residences come along with awe-inspiring features, designs and types of houses in the Philippines with pictures this is equivalent to how they are priced. Basically these homes has long been just like experiencing what it is to stay at like how famous and influential people do. Unquestionably, there is always something almost every real estate buyer when it comes to available homes that you can discover in different types of houses in the Philippines with pictures MLS. This is the reason that makes this place in Illinois suitable for many individuals regardless of their financial standing and spending capacity.

*It is also quite probable that you take time and look into types of houses in the Philippines with pictures that you can buy listings that are specifically offering top of the middle-class of households and other people. These are the those who find themselves very much financially blessed they will afford to pay for residences that can allow them to have everything they really want without the need to renovate it on their own. There can be communities that keep only these types of houses in the Philippines with pictures conveniences to provide for those people who are financially dignified searching for the privilege to become component of these impressive, high-standing and prominent abodes through this part of the Philippines.

Realizing that you’ll find a variety of types of houses in the Philippines with pictures that you can choose between acquire the best into home builders Philippines available listings, it may well give you a great relief for those people who first considered looking to purchase a comfortable home was a very tough chore to enjoy time with. While using the tremendous variety of options, certainly it would not be impossible to find a residence that is worth your time, effort, and money. See more types of houses in the Philippines with pictures.