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We have 3 construction methods to offer:

(NO Hollow Blocks!)

Insulated Poured Concrete +/- P30,000/sq.m.

Solid Poured Concrete = +/- P25,000 per. sq.m.

Waffle Box = +/- P20,000 per sq.m.

Architectural designs House Contractors Philippines and Philippines Swimming Pools are one of our specialty products, because the construction of pools must be pure solid concrete.  Otherwise, you lost the water if it leaks. So, again; NO Hollow Block.

One thing’s for sure; with the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ you will get a ROOF DECK as a bonus (!) where you can relax, enjoy the view and a cool breeze…

When? The first actual construction is scheduled at the first quarter of 2014; but we are already very busy with designs, talking to developers etc.

What? Homes, Mass Housing and Mid to High Rise Buildings, Dormitories, Rentable apartment units, Rent-to-Own condominium units.

Where? First Luzon, later Visayas and Mindanao. Then the rest of the world.

Speed? VERY FAST; we can install your home within 7 days. Finishing and/or retouching follows.

– you can build by phases (add a bedroom later when you have the budget). We can design your house ‘ready for additions’; to expand your home to suit the needs of a growing family.
– ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ is about 10x stronger than the ordinary hollow block walls. Earthquake-, fire-, typhoon-, hurricane and flooding resistant (no joints).
– It’s GREEN CONSTRUCTION. Saving up to 50% Cement; it’s lightweight.
– It’s a ‘Industrialized Building System’; They are precast, pre-finished and plug-in units.

Our clients are Filipinos, non-Filipinos (‘foreigners’ from Europe and USA) and OFWs and we have built anywhere in the Philippines for them (Surigao City, Cebu, Antique, Iloilo, Negros, Leyte, Ilocos Norte, Isabela, Pampanga, Metro Manila, Baguio, Tagaytay, etc.) because they know we do NOT build with those weak hollow-blocks but we build solid poured concrete walls, 10X stronger, 2X faster, and we finish any project according to contract and on time.

We have skilled staff coming from Manila. We use local workers for less sensitive jobs.

We can apply ‘Passive Cooling’ and ‘Solar Chimney’ design features to your home to avoid – or lessen – the use of airconditioning.

We can also build insulated walls; or we use more steel, glass or wood if you do not like a ‘concrete home’.

We can design your house ‘ready for additions’; to expand your home to suit the needs of a growing family.

Our system of construction is different from the ‘old’ hollow block homes which are SEPARATED hollow block walls between posts/columns (the attachment of wall to column is the problem) and which need plaster that easily peels of – or cracks.
Our Solid poured-concrete walls have columns/beams integrated into the walls to make the structure stronger as one whole (monolithically poured concrete; no joints, no panels) and no plaster is needed thus we build faster.

To give you at least a SOLID home (not hollow blocks) we can do the Structural Works (Concrete Foundation, Posts, Walls, Slabs, Roof, Septic tank and embedded electric/plumbing pipes) after which you or your local contractor can do the finishings like tiles, doors, paint etc. (But most of our clients let us do the finishings also.)

Here is the ‘AVERAGE’ cost to build:

Expect progress photos emailed to you during the construction period.

NOTE: you get less and less Pesos for your Dollars or Euros; and that’s not getting any better soon… build now? At least the ‘Solid Concrete shell of your house’?

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